Director's talk
CAD/CAM milling products
Zirconia Custom Zirconia Abutment with Titanium base
Custom Zirconia Abutment without Ti base
Zirconia (Zirkonzahn ICE Translucent)
Full Zirconia (Zirkonzahn Prettau)
PMMA Acrylic Temporary Crown & Bridge
Temporary Implant abutment
Burn out Resin Custom milled UCLA abutment
Implant bar
Titanium Custom Titanium Abutment


Fixed restoration
Porcelain fused to metal Porcelain fused to non-precious metal*
Porcelain margin
All ceramics Zirkon Zahn
Vita In-Ceram (Alumina) crown and bridge
e.max press (IPS Empress Esthetic)
Resin Composite crown
Composite inlay, onlay, facing
Composite on metal frame*
Crown and bridge Full metal crown non-precious*
Pin (Post-core) non-precious*
Separated pin non-precious*
Inlay, onlay non-precious*
Implant UCLA or custom abutment
Preparation abutment
Non-preparation abutment
Telescopic Telescopic crown
Attachment Attachment Ceka system
- Ceka revax
- Ceka service
Attachment Preci-line system
- Preci-horix (long bar/short bar)
- Preform clip-housing each
- Custom housing / Tooth
- Ball attachment
- Ball attachment service


Removable denture
Co-Cr partial denture Upper or lower each
Complete denture/full denture Upper or lower each
Acrylic denture
(Temporary plate)
Teeth setup and finishing per arch
1-3 teeth
4-6 teeth
7-9 teeth
10-13 teeth
wrought wire each
Laser welding service Minor welding (eg., clasp, minor connector)
Moderate welding (eg., attachment)
Major welding (eg., major connector)
*Other alloy extra charge
* Free of charge for
- Model preparation
- Pindex system