K. Dental Lab was established in 1982 by Dr. Kriengsak Intara-
suksanti, BSc., D.D.S.
We have been serving the dental community for long time with sincere commitment to quality, service and technology.
Our lab is an up-to-date laboratory and has the newest dental technol-
ogy. The dentists and their patients get the highest satisfaction from
our restorations.

We only use approved materials and our technicians were very well
trained and highly skilled.

We have set a standard for accuracy in fixed restorations by using 10x
microscope at each of our several quality control checkpoints and all
cases are rechecked in the control model. That means our approach
result in precisely seated fixed restorations.

Now we are using laser welding machine in our production line. All
our products are carried out in our new, fully equipped, laboratory.