Zircornium CAD|CAM Technology
Zirkonzahn system, originated in Italy, is the second generation of Zirconia CAD|CAM milling technology. It was developed to meet veriety of restoration design, to give very precise works and outstanding strength.
Due to 5+5 axes milling technology and smallest 0.5 mm. milling bur, really fine works can be fabricated as the design in virtual software. The restorations will seat and seal to the model perfectly. Also wide range of 16 color shades, according to Vita’s A1-D4 shade guide, will allow us to acheive life-like results. Blank height is up to 30 mm. All blanks and machines are made in Europe and meet its high standard.
There are two types of Zirconia blanks to meet your needs:
           - High strength (ICE Zirconia translucent): flexural strength 1200-1400 MPa for Zirco
             nia substructure, maximum up to 14 units
           -Extra translucent Zirconia (Prettau Zirkon): for full-anatomical-contour Zirconia res
             toration (FZ), including crown, bridge, inlay, onlay and inlay bridge restorations.
Find out more information at www.zirkonzahn.com
Rasin pattern CAD|CAM Technology
The PixCera machine is designed to support Rapid Direct Manufacturing with high resolution solution. Based on the principle of Photopolymerisation the PixCera System creates three dimensional wax based crowns, copings and bridges through a patented Spatial Light Modulation (SLM). The wax parts are designed for high speed investment casting, allowing a fast one hour burn-out cycle.

How does it work?
- out put : 3-D printing/ rapid prototyping
- material : Photopolymerised resin

Why is it better than conventional waxing?
- More accuracy
- Dimensional stability
- Greatly reduce distortion, especially in case of long-span and full arch bridge.
Giroform model system
The fitting accuracy of dental prostheses is largely dependent on the precision of the models. Yet this is the very area in which the natural expansion of the plaster constitutes the greatest source of error. The effects of plaster expansion are evident in the patient’s mouth in problems with the fit of prosthetic work, such as tension areas.

Giroform® is the model system which outsmarts the expansion of the dental arch plaster and ensures accurate reproduction of the patient’s mouth.

The Giroform® system provides dental technology with a perfect and demonstrably the most accurate model making system on the market. By employing standardized and optimized procedures Giroform® guarantees permanent and reproducible quality.
Laser welding machine
The BEGO LaserStar PW welding laser device is a complete mobile unit with which nearly all metals and metal alloys can be welded quickly, reliably and precisely. In this process the parts to be connected are joined manually with visual monitoring and welded with one or more laser pulses. For precise positioning of the parts the device has a stereomicroscope equipped with a reticle. This reticle marks exactly on the workpiece the position at which the laser pulse is later targeted.

The varied options offered by the laser in providing solutions for dental welding work are shown on the basis of examples below:
- Welding secondary crowns to partial dentures
- Butt welding: precious to precious metal, precious to non-precious metal, titanium
- Setting extracoronal and intracoronal connecting elements
- Repairs and extensions: bar and clasp break; filling defect, cavity and crack, etc.; extending crown border; building up contact points (build-up welding)